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July 1, 2022

How We Created A 35 Million Hit Viral Reel On Instagram

Anyone can create a viral reel on Instagram. You don’t need to be an influencer or be a genius video editor to do this. Here's how to create a viral reel on Instagram.

How to create a viral reel on Instagram

Let's talk about how to create a viral reel on Instagram. We've created a ton of viral videos over the last two years. Just the other week we created a viral video on Instagram that got viewed more than 35 million times… of me running over hotel beds and jumping into a pool.

Yep… 35 MILLION!? (For size reference, that is 1.5x the population of Australia)

Throughout this article we will breakdown the viral reel and share with you our top tips and tricks on how to create a viral reel on Instagram.

How to Create a Viral Reel on Instagram.

What is considered viral on Instagram reels?

To start with, it is important to touch on what is considered a viral reel on Instagram. Viral is very subjective to the creator and depends greatly on how many followers you have, and the reach of your reels usually get. Essentially, a viral reel is one that reaches more people than your typical audience and following.

It's all fun and games getting a few extra thousand views. But how do you get over a million views on your Instagram reels?

How do you make a reel on Instagram go viral?

By following our tips, we know for a fact anyone can create a viral video. (We’ve consulted clients, friends and have guided and created videos with a combined total of over 70 million views).

So how do you do it? We’ve broken it down into three simple steps, consistency, audio, and noticeability. The CAN formula. Below we go into more detail about each step, with a breakdown of the 35 million viral reel example.

Consistent posting

There’s no doubt you need to be posting reels, posts, stories and engaging with your following (no matter how big or small it is) on a regular basis. The algorithm won’t push your content if you’re not consistent.

The great thing about reels is that you don’t have to post them onto your feed! By doing this, Instagram will analyse your reel, and determine a new audience to push it out too.

Make sure you do this in addition to posting new and original content to your feed.

Viral Reel Breakdown: Before and during our 35 million hit reel going viral, I was posting a minimum of 1 times a day to a maximum of 3 per day of new and original content on our Bali trip. One of these reels was to my feed (new content that my followers didn’t see, I had around 6k followers), and the others to the reel page. In particular, the viral reel was not posted to my feed!

Trending audio

Stop using over-used and old songs! The reel that you create needs to have an audio behind it that is prior to the trending phase (or early on in it!) But what does this mean?

Before adding audio to your Instagram reel, find an audio on the reel discover page that has a low count of reels created to it. This is your time to make the audio trending. Refer to our latest article to learn more about how we find trending audios.

Viral Reel Breakdown: Prior to creating the 35 million viral reel, the team had found the audio used when it had around 5,000 reels created with it (prior to it trending). This had been achieved after doing quite a bit of digging on the discover page and finding something catchy!

The hook

You need to capture your audience’s attention from the start! This is achieved with a ‘hook’, or otherwise known as a catchy beginning that will grab your viewers’ attention, so they want to continue watching. A great hook will make your reel noticeable!

Viral Reel Breakdown: When I was editing the viral reel, I cut out the beginning part of me 'sleeping' and instead started when I was already moving (movement is key!) and running over the beds. I also finished it when I half landed into the pool. If we break this down, there are no points where the viewers are witnessing a moment of stillness.

There are so many more factors, tips, and tricks to aid the process of creating a viral Instagram reel. But from our own experience we know with consistency, trending audio, and a great hook, you too can create a viral reel on Instagram.

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