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Sam Buchwald
July 29, 2022

Best Export Settings for Instagram Reels in Final Cut

With just a few quick tips, you can be uploading ultra crisp and high quality videos to Instagram. Here's how we set up the best export settings for Instagram reels in Final Cut!

How do I export my Final Cut Pro for Instagram reels?

Let's get you uploading high quality and optimised Instagram reels. It's not hard, but there are a few hidden tricks and tips that we've found over the past few years of creating content for social media. So keep on reading because this is how we get the best export settings for Instagram reels in Final Cut.

But before we start, who are we and why would you trust us?

Live To Create is a content creation studio. We live and breathe creation and all things social (pun intended); and over the past two years, the content we've created for ourselves and our clientele has been viewed by MILLIONS of people.

So open up Final Cut Pro and have your phone by your side, because throughout this blog we will be stepping you through our process of exporting, uploading and optimising high quality reels.

What size should I export for Instagram reels?

Instagram Reels are typically in the 16:9 ratio. Upon creating a new project in Final Cut Pro, be sure to set it up as follows:

  • Video: Vertical
  • Resolution: 1080x1920
  • Rate: 25p
  • Rendering: Standard - Rec. 709
Best Export Settings for Instagram Reels

Which bitrate is best for Instagram reels?

The bitrate and best export settings for Instagram reels in Final Cut is MP4, and upon exporting, be sure the following settings are:

  • Video Codec: H. 264 Better Quality.
  • Audio Format: AAC audio
  • Resolution: 1080x1920 (as set up in the project from the start).
Best Export Settings for Instagram Reels

How do I export high quality video from Final Cut Pro to Instagram?

After exporting your reel from Final Cut with the recommended settings above, you will need to turn on uploading in high quality on Instagram. Head to your Instagram settings > Account > Data Usage > Switch "High-quality uploads" on.

Best Export Settings for Instagram Reels

Where to next?

It's as simple as that! With just a few settings, the videos you upload to Instagram will be ultra sharp and optimised.

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