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We help adventure and travel brands scale their businesses on Instagram and TikTok with dynamic and engaging content creation, user generated content and consulting.

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When it comes to being a social media content creator, we've had numerous past engagements...

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Who We Are

Live To Create is so much more than just a brand name. It’s a lifestyle, a shared belief in chasing dreams, pushing what’s possible and inspiring others.

Yes, we are a creative media studio but in no way are we your typical studio.

You’re more likely to see us out in the world getting down and dirty, cameras in hand, a vision in our heads, crafting inspiring content, than suited up looking all “professional”.

Why? Because we truly do live to create.

When we’re not skyrocketing brands’ content capabilities, the team is together perfecting the content creator craft and chasing the best life has to offer to create beautiful, fun and captivating content that’s been connecting people from all around the world.

That isn’t to say it’s all play here.

We bring that same passion and zeal to our clients’ brands. From strategy to content creation to management, we don’t just create content, we scale businesses.

We’re your visual communicators.

Your community builders.

Your essential content creator to your brand toolkit.

Our Services

  • "Thank you so so much, I cant wait to start using them [videos and photos] on my platform. Will definitely be in touch again for more videos.
    Thanks again, you were all incredible to work with and so professional."

    Vicky Rundle

    Founder of Sheiba Beauty

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