A Visual Journey Through Montalto Vineyard: A Live To Create Case Study


Montalto Vineyard, a family-owned winery in Mornington Peninsula, partnered with Live To Create to create a range of high-quality video content to showcase their estate and dining offerings across their social media platforms.


Montalto Vineyard's goal was to create a broad range of fresh media content for the next year to come of their wines, estate, and dining offerings. Specifically, they aimed to create encapsulating drone content to showcase their estate and offerings in the best possible light. They wanted to establish themselves as a leader in the vineyard sector on their social media channels.


Videography, Drone Videography
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"After admiring Live To Create’s previous work, it was clear they were the perfect fit to showcase Montalto in a new, and awe-inspiring style. Sam and Zac’s indomitable energy and formidable spirit for adventure underpinned the entire process - from brief to delivery.

Their ability to adapt under extreme conditions, present on-brand creative suggestions on the spot whilst not shying away from hearing and actioning feedback made the entire process joyful for our team.

The final deliverables are a truely outstanding representation of our breathtaking estate, thanks to the skilful strategy and production of Live To Create."

Susie Robinson

Marketing & PR - Montalto Vineyard


LTC delivered a range of high-quality video content for Montalto Vineyard, including 1 long form hero video and 20 short form videos for Instagram. The LTC team spent a week on location, braving unpredictable weather to capture footage that highlighted the vineyard's locally grown fresh produce, cellar door, piazza, restaurant, picnic areas, and sculpture walk. They also captured amazing drone shots to add an extra special touch to the videos.


After a lot of hard work editing and perfecting the footage, we're thrilled to announce that the content is now becoming live on Montalto's social media channels. And the response has been fantastic! Each reel has been racking up between 10k-20k views, which is a testament to the incredible appeal of the estate and LTC’s ability to showcase it in the best possible light. The success of the campaign is definitely positioning Montalto Vineyard as a premier destination for those seeking locally grown produce, award-winning wines, and beautiful surroundings.


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