Working closely alongside the team at Explore Rockhampton, Live To Create undertook a seven-day production to capture the exciting
food, culture and adventure experiences in the region.


With a mission to promote the unique personality of Rockhampton, Live To Create's team aimed to showcase the diverse range of experiences that the region had to offer.

The ultimate goal was to inspire mates to plan their own 'mates trip' adventure to Rockhampton, where they could indulge in the local food and drinks, immerse themselves in the region's natural beauty and dive right into the adrenaline filled outdoor activities.


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“I commissioned Sam and Zac from Live to Create to explore and promote our Rockhampton region across a week in October 2022. From concept to delivery, they were consummate professionals and have been an absolute game changer in the story telling of our destination.

To begin with, their proposal and concept development was exemplary and demonstrated significant market research and understanding. They have a respectful and friendly disposition that makes you feel like you have known them for a lifetime – a key strength in the tourism industry.

During the creation of the itinerary and storyboard they provided great insight and took the time to understand exactly what we needed and our deliverables.

Once in region, their interactions with our team, local operators and tourism products/experiences were wholesome and genuine; they were a great extension and representation of our Explore Rockhampton brand.

Sam and Zac went over and above regarding the filming schedule, utilising any spare time allotted in the already busy itinerary to go out and get extra shots, from 4am for extra sunrise shots around the destination to night-time piece to cameras regaling their experiences to their online audiences – I’m not actually sure when they slept?!

It was impressive to see them balance and intertwine their own genuine brand with such a diverse range of products in our region – at no point did anything feel forced or unnatural.

In post-production, the content was world-class and delivered incredibly fast. We had a handful of suggested edits that were welcomed and amended.

I completely recommend them to any destination or business looking to partner with content creators.”

Zac Garven

Tourism Coordinator - Advance Rockhampton

The Ultimate Mate's Trip: Hero Video



People Reached & Engaged


To achieve this goal, the Live To Create team embarked on a journey that took them across Rockhampton, participating in a wide range of activities that were designed to showcase the region's unique flavor and character. From fishing and mountain bike riding to adventure caving, farm stays, rodeos, hiking, helicopter flights, and tasting the local breweries and pubs, the Live To Create team's experiences in Rockhampton were nothing short of amazing.
Throughout and after the trip, the team produced daily Instagram stories, videos, and photography to document their experiences. A hero video was also created that showcased the adventure, excitement, and unique personality of Rockhampton.

The partnership between Live To Create and Explore Rockhampton was a success, generating incredible results in terms of social media engagement and reach. The Live To Create team had an incredible time working with Explore Rockhampton, capturing the essence of the region and sharing it with over 1.5 Million people.


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